The Domestic Appliance Audio Research Society
phonography of the home

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Cut & Splice: Living Rooms
June19th, 2009
Wilton's Music Hall, London


The Domestic Appliance Audio Research Society
was formed in 2007 with the express purpose of pursuing a non-exotic approach to field recording.


Posted by Helena Gough

Heater, Birmingham

Fridge, Birmingham

Tap, Birmingham

Oven Fan, Birmingham

Posted by Lee Patterson

Electricity Meter, Prestwich

Graham Meg's Fridge, Hindringham, Norfolk

Kitchen Light, Prestwich

Mum's Window, Prestwich

Paul Kaajal's Fridge, Brighton

Posted by Benedict Drew

Freezer, Whitstable

Electric Grill, Camberwell


Boiler in Kitchen

Kettle, Camberwell

Posted by Seth Cluett

Car lift, Pequot Lakes, Minnesota

Woodstove air pump motor, Poestenkill, New York

Steam radiators, Troy, New York

Posted by Simon Swatman


Coffee Filter

Posted by Karen Gwyer


Posted by Al Jones

Ventilation Flap, Crofton, Maryland

Radiator Piping, Ostuni, Italy


Catriona Clayson
Whitstable Advocate

Seth Cluett
Upstate New York Rural Advocate, Paris Liaison

Benedict Drew
London Advocate, Logistics

Tristram Drew
New York Advocate

Helena Gough
Berlin Advocate

Karen Gwyer
Peckham Advocate, Chair

Al Jones
District of Columbia Advocate

Lee Patterson
Northern England Advocate and Head of Contact Mic Department

Simon Swatman
Brixton Advocate

Nick Gwyer
Official Photographer


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