Commissioned for the British Art Show 8, touring to Leeds, Edinburgh, Norwich, Southampton. Sequencer is an installation in 3 sections, primarily concerned with a reading of landscape, and how mediation now shapes this. this is montaged with a mediated intimacy a closeness that is present in a contemporary mode of moving image making online such as youtube videos, so there is a kind of zooming action in the work. The first section of this work is defined by four temporary walls with photocopied photos of frames containing images of landscape, there are lcd screens attached to these walls with abstracted black and white animations, twitching and morphing in the centre of this sections is a sculpture constructed from tent poles, onto of this structure is a binaural microphone that has two silicone ears (commonly found in arms videos). there is another screen the has an animation of a rucksack frame on it, The second section is formed of three hantarex monitors that are each playing a loop of different coloured liquid and in the centre a pair of wireless headphones that have a live feed of the binaural microphone from the previous section. The final section is a three screen video projection, the projection screens each have a large shell embed ded into them. The videos mostly shot on location in Iceland, show a landscape of a young geology, a landscape yet to be permanently altered by humans, still forming and visibly potent.